MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34MAS34“Is it possible to find exceptional but affordable shoes?” Is there an edgy collection of shoes that will not fall on the fashion-victimhood?, Can a Spanish shoe face to an Italian?”

These are some of the questions that, until now, Spanish have failed answered, but the answer to these questions is the subject of a new brand of footwear. MAS34 is the first Spanish footwear brand that combines handmade design, quality and good prices to provide real shoes to real women.

MAS34 is the result of a vision committed to responding to these shortcomings, committed to Spain, and engaged with their women. It is the vision of Adriana Balcells. This 25 years old girl from Barcelona, graduated from ESADE, formalized his affair with fashion during his time in Milan, where she finished her training and began his career in the hands of Ralph Lauren. After three years in the Lombard…

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