W South Beach

This month we have our fabulous colleague Biken Urkiri from Whatever/Whenever participating in our blog with a first hand interview with Gabriela di Falco, W Insider at W South Beach. Biken spent his vacation in Miami and took his time to share tips and experiences with our colleague Insider.

Biken and Gabriela

Thank you for a great interview and super warm vibrations Biken!

It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in South Florida. Today I am meeting with a very dedicated and professional person who loves her job and fights for her goals. Gabriela Di Falco is confident and knows what she wants and how to get it whilst always enjojing the journey along the way.

We are at the W Hotel in South Beach!  SIZZLE…

I wanted to know a little more about this Italian native, so we sat down and I asked her to tell me the 1st thing that came to her mind with every question.

FAVORITE COLOR: Red… I love to wear red, I’m very passionate.

SMELL: Yelsomino.


A CITY:  Miami, but I LOVE NY.

A CELEB: Sean Penn , I met him and he, my partner & I all went out for dinner. He told me, You are the “sexiest professional” I’ve ever met…quite a compliment!

CLUB: WALL ,at W South Beach

TRACK: “Sure thing” by Miguel.

AN ESCAPE: Maldives,  the W in Maldives is insane!

DREAM: I reached one of my dreams of being a designer at the age of 20 when I moved to London and studied at a Fashion Institute. A few years later, I won “The Best Colletion Award” at The Young Fashion Designer Competition in Italy. My dream right now would be to buy a villa for my parents in Miami so that they could move here.

RESTAURANT: Zuma, OMG I love Zuma! Love the beef  with white truffle.

MOST CHALLENGING MOMENT: Well, speaking of Zuma…the Prince of Arabia wanted to have dinner on a Sunday at this top of the line restaurant, which just happens to be closed on Sundays. So I had to call the restaurant manager and chef to make it possible.

MOST REWARDING:  This is a breaking up story…There was a couple about to break up for x reasons (I’m not gonna say why, but you can imagine.) So he decided to propose! He was pretty sure the answer was going to be NO… but when she saw that picnic on the beach and a plane writing WILL U MARRY ME in the sky, she could not refuse. So it turned out as planned.

2 GABYS: Aw yeah… I’m an actress, this is a show! At home, I’m normal! Otherwise; I would go crazy!


Global knowledge on happenings  and restauarnts, etc. Stay Calm, people are soo demanding sometimes and rude! And charismatic.

SOMETHING NOBODY CAN MISS IN MIAMI: Wednesday nighst in VITA! Starting from dinner time and every 30 minutes thereafter, the music volume rises a little higher. By midnight the party turns into something like the vibe in Saint Tropez.


The WET Deck (pool) party on Thursday nights.  Everybody comes, this is definetly the place to be! And the upcoming Dutch restaurant.

Biken Urkiri.