Breakfast in Barcelona?

Yes! Milk does a body good!

Right behind the historical building of Correos  and perpendicular to Via Laietana, there is a small street called Gignas, go to number 21 and you will find Milk, a 50’s designed paradise for Blueberry pancakes, Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Tortilla Ranchera and many other mouthwatering dishes just right for anyone who is a proud breakfast person!

It is not easy to find a breakfast place in Barcelona (unless you consider tapas and cerveza a good option), however after some travels in NY & San Francisco, the lovely Irish couple Rebecca & Paul discovered a breakfast thirsty niche in Barcelona! At the beginning, their clientele consisted mostly on American expats and international tourists who were lucky to get the word of mouth. Now due to their sustained success, Milk has become the morning and afternoon meeting point of locals living in the Born district as well as the early birds working at the Post Office.

If you don´t get a sit in the morning, don´t worry, brunch goes until 16:00! After this hour, the kitchen closes and re-opens at 18:30 for Milk´s second personality, a gourmet candlelight dinner with a chic Irish bar twist! Rebecca turns the menu around and designs a delicious seasonal dinner menu including amongst others, the famed Guinness Stew & acclaimed Georgie Porgie homemade Sausages, while Paul transforms the morning juice bar into a premium cocktail lounge, serving unique and dangerous combinations such as La Cucaracha (tequila, passion fruit liquor, passion fruit juice, apple and lime juice)… mmm… don´t worry about drinking too much, you know where to find a recovery breakfast!