Demasié: Cookie Store!

Stepping inside this store is like stepping inside the factory of Willy Wonka but instead of finding all types of chocolate you will find all types of Cookies!

It is amazing! (

I found this store when I was, once again walking through ‘’El Born’’, I got so excited that I felt like a child again (literally)! I had just finished lunch and refused to eat a desert but when I saw this store it was stronger than me, I gave in to temptation!! It was like the store itself was calling me… Absolutely irresistible!

They have all kinds of cookies with all kinds of flavors

but they also have very good and fresh pastry! I will definitely recommend the apple strudel and recommend it even more if it is just out of the oven!

Regarding the cookies it depends from person to person, some like them traditionally made, some like them with vanilla flavor, others with orange and chocolate flavor even Parmesan cheese cookies but one thing is for sure everyone is going to find their special flavor!

One last thing I must warn you about is that once you step into this store, nothing is ever Demasié (too much)!