It doesn´t get more W than this…

What is more energizing and inspiring than a trip to vibrant New York, where W was born and where being an Insider is most challenging?

Lucky me, I got to experience it this past weekend… The 24/7 heartbeat of the city invades you from the very first second and what is best, stays with you until the end.

Everlasting hours of shopping fashion trends, dancing until 3am to the latest beats hitting the city, delicious cocktails at the W Bars…nothing gets you dizzy in this city.

Check out the cool design of this amazing skyscraper!

Pheew… Maybe this did get me dizzy. Back from the heights…time for a refreshment!

No, the Halloween skull didn´t scare us off from these delicious grapefruit and coconut parsley Martinis at the W Bar in Times Square 🙂

Later on during my week in the city @ W New York Downtown, W Insider Lauren gave us the warmest welcome!

She even showed us their E-WOW Suite and shared her best kept secrets about how to surprise those Wall Street guests!

Fabulous Lauren

No, it wasn´t a photocall...but I posed anyways!

Finally, a little bit of post-retail shopping relaxation at the Living Room:

Keeping up the hustle and bustle of the city with some friends @ W Union Square

Definitely a full W immersion for a new Insider like me!

Claudia 🙂