W Insider Valentina goes to Ibiza’s Closing Parties 2011

A W Insider couldn´t end the year without going to the Closing Parties in Ibiza! Let me take you on my three day adventure and hopefully you will find useful tips for Ibiza 2012…

Tip number 1: be ready for the party that never sleeps!

It was 6am and my heart was pounding… no, I wasn´t late for work, but the excitement of getting on a plane, direction Ibiza Closing Parties 2011, was truly mind blowing!!

Money management in this trip was essential, as the club prices could range from €60 to €150 and taking into account my priorities…  I decided that sleeping would be my least worry! I stayed at a friend´s newly refurbished Hostal Giramundo which to my surprise was absolutely amazing!!  The hostel has 15 themed rooms, each room representing a country and each floor representing a Continent! We were very happy to walk into our exotic & colorful Senegal room… oh yes; it had a beautiful terrace facing the Mediterranean Sea!! I was even reconsidering spending more time in the room just to enjoy the amazing view… but nope, 4 days and the club scene just 10 minutes away… I decided not wait anymore and so I headed for a healthy, revitalizing lunch! There´s nothing like partying responsibly (so far)!!

For an iron rich & energy boosting lunch, I visited my favorite local gem, Ancient People Restaurant. The place revives your energy with its famous 80+ spices Vegetable/Chicken Curry accompanied by a bowl of Cinnamon scented gourmet Jasmine rice & their signature homemade Nan Bread! WOW… no Red Bull does this job!! The family ambiance and décor really sets you on the right foot for an amazing start… that, and a picture with my Mayan Ancestors… now ready to re-conquer the party scene!

First day/night pick, Ushuaia Closing Party with playful Luciano in charge! I remember last year Ushuaia was the hottest beach club… but now they have transformed themselves into a breathtaking white villa luxury hotel with an amazing lit up pool in the middle and an astonishing beach front… a Disneyland for party goers & beach lovers, attracted by their resident DJ labels such as Swedish House Mafia, Defected In The House, Superbeach and Luciano’s Vagabundos! Nope, no sleeping in this Villa!

To pre-plan the party schedule, I recommend visiting Essential Ibiza and  pick the DJ´s of your choice!

After the breathtaking night… afterhours, or no afterhours… that is the question!! In Barcelona, taking advantage of a day (or 3) off from work, I would maybe recommend Row 14 for an after-hours hideaway… but when Amnesia´s Closing Party is coming up, then I decided for the more responsible option. Go home, power nap, power shower, power breakfast and then ready to go… 9am, closing party at Amnesia with no other than Cocoon´s Marco Carola & Loco Dice… now this is what I call morning glory!!

I have to admit, people do look a bit different when seen with clear, sober eyes… especially after they have being pumped up by the astonishing 7 hour Matinee Closing Party, but the energy in Amnesia was so powerful… even 80 year olds would have hit the dance floor! The ambience, the fun, the happiness, the drinks, etc… where spilling all over the place… it was a good version of mayhem on the dance floor, luckily for humankind the party finished a couple of hours later. Obviously that´s not the end… did anyone say `Come together at Space?´

After the Amnesia party was finished (4pm), we needed a well-deserved mind & body re-charge break! We headed to Moorea Grill Restaurant at Playa d´en Bossa, where we feasted on a juicy carbon grilled rump steak with delicious French fries, in the surroundings of a beautiful garden and the beach… just the right setting to revive and survive! We were also very lucky to meet two locals at the table next to ours. They gave us the amazing insider tip to buy the cheapest tickets for the next party at a bar across the street called Tantra Café. There we met a very good looking Bulgarian waitress, Nadia, who told us about their non-stop happy hour and proven, the cheapest tickets to all Ibiza parties… so I highly recommend this place, especially after spending €11 on a bottle of water in Amnesia (I wish I could forget that just like the name suggests)!!

Finally heading to the party that unites DJ´s, producers, artists, celebrities & music fans from around the globe; a party that uses its 6 scenarios as a theatre where DJ´s from different electronic music backgrounds, conclude their seasonal appearance, presenting the world with their new creations… the creations that will rule our hearts & souls until next year… the party organized by the major music producer Safehouse Productions, the party known as `Come together in Space´!

After looking at the DJ line up and beautiful weather, we decided to start with the stage outside at The Terrace! I couldn´t miss my favorite DJ (at least for this season), DJ Fedde Le Grand, who was illuminated by the sunset and was surrounded by dressed up (and barely dressed) acrobat dancers… the whole set was a magical theatrical act… everyone letting loose and just living the moment! I though the crowd couldn´t go crazier, but I was wrong… Armin Van Buuren came up next… and I want to say, the rest is history! A history that kept Ibiza shaking, dancing & enjoying life to the fullest… at least in that moment!

Back to reality (or should I say normality), we were very excited to also experience Ibiza´s landmark and natural beauty. We looked at White Ibiza blog for amazing suggestions on a healthy Fomentera day trip!

We decided to take a relaxing 60 minute ferry to the exotic Island of Fomentera! WOW, what a paradise! The clear, turquoise water reminded me of the Caribbean… however the beaches were not as populated, so it was a total climax when swimming with only colorful, little fishies in the surrounding area!

I do suggest bringing a driver’s license and renting a motorbike to tour around the 19 km Island… the rental price is discounted when buying it together with the Ferry ticket at the Ferry stop in Ibiza at Figueretas Beach.

Without a license on the trip, we had to settle with our bicycle rental for the day (€5) but it was well worth it… we went to the beautiful Playa de Illetas, visited the old light house and had a magnificent ride along the seaside by Es Pujols beach… truly amazing!In conclusion, Ibiza is all in one island… and you can do all in one trip… just make sure that at the end of the trip you land safely… or more so, make sure that you land. And when you do, look back and say… I did it all!

Ps. Good news, not all the clubs close during the off season! See you there!

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