When old skateboarders start sitting on their boards

The other evening I was walking around Bonsuccess street and square, when I noticed an old skateboarder who seemed to have gotten tired of standing on his board and decided to sit on it…

It was actually a seat made out of skateboard boards at the entrance of this skater shop called Crème, which only opened in April 2010.

Skateboarding is practiced everywhere in the city and has become one of the main “transport” forms in town. And this shop features some cool boards and clothing items.

Also their website is worth a visit, including its blog:


Right next to Crème, there is another shop worth mentioning. Vaho Gallery Although this place has been around for quite a while now, and the idea is not that original anymore, I still like it.

“Recycled fashion”. Hanbags and travel bags made out of used street posters (“banderolas”).

And when leaving Vaho Gallery, I saw this flashy display of tights in a tiny old style “merceria”: Perfumería Bonsuccess.