Barcelona Wedding Fashion Night

last Thursday I went to the Wedding Fashion Night in Barcelona. Well, I actually did not go at night, but in the morning, as then it was open to media and bloggers. The setting was beautiful in the house and gardens of Torre Amat in Sarria.

There, our colleagues from Bliss Spa had their own little exhibit to showcase their special options for brides, grooms and even the mother in law!

Hundreds of spaaahlicious goodie bags ready before the event:









Bliss stand with our Bliss girls and Bliss therapists offering manicures and quick massages (the highlight of the day!). Even Andrea’s dress matched perfectly the signature Bliss color!














After helping them with the set up, I went to have a look around the other stands.

This definitely attracted my attention. The “bla-bla box”. A box that reminded me of old futuristic movies that apparently records video messages that are then compiled into a fun little movie. Not sure if it would fit most weddings, but maybe a creative option for other parties?







What I did like were the selection of wedding invitations by Mr. Wonderful who happens to have his own blog:

But as I am not getting married, he gave me this “magic lámina”:

And finally here some incredible set ups as if they had popped out of a wedding magazine!