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Isabel an I blow our hair out on the fast & the furious Audi MedCup Circuit 2011!

We thought we would just sit back, relax, have a taste of the delicious gourmet lunch menu, while enjoying the fantastic views from the VIP area at Port Vell and keeping an eye on the amazingly good looking tanned captains, as they prepare their sailboats for the exuberating race… but oh surprise!! The Skipper from British sailboat `Ngoni´ and former Audi Medcup Champion, approached us and invited us to be part of their sailing team! Our main task in the sailboat was to run from one side to the other as they yelled Jaaaibb mainly to keep the sailboat in balance… I think they didn´t know we just had breakfast… somehow we kept the boat steady and we won third place!! They later confessed we were there to distract the competitors…mmm… nonetheless, we got enough experience to aim for first place next year… 1. No breakfast 2. More balance 3. More hairspray… !!!!